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Flight cancelation insurance allows international travelers to insure their nonrefundable expenses for the flight and additional ground services (such as hotels, car rental and event tickets) in the event they decide to cancel the trip for any reason.

Traveler's insurance primarily insures you for the events that may occur during the course of your trip and stay overseas, mainly in matters related to health and baggage.  Few traveler insurance providers cover flight cancelations; and those who do offer it are restricted and usually valid only for cancelations two weeks prior to the flight with refunds oftan being unavailable with the exception of severe illness or hospitalization.

Flight cancelation insurance allows you to cancel your trip, from the moment you place your order (and not limited to the last two weeks) and for any reason of your choosing with no limitations and no fear of inagibility. Flight cancelation insurance is meant to insure you from the moment you booked your trip  and up to 12 hours before departure; traveler's insurance coverage begins primarily from the moment you depart for your overseas destination.

With flight cancelation there's no small print, no need to make excuses.  Canceling your flight can be for any reason and with no fear of ineligibility due to stipulations, whether written or unwritten.  You the customer may cancel your flight for any reason you see fit.

Flight cancelation insurance

The insurance period starts the moment you purchase the insurance and is valid up until 12 hours prior to the flight's departure; or until the insured chooses to cancel the flight; or until the cancelation of the policy by the insured.

Flight cancelation insurance must be purchased within 7 days of your flight ticket / trip package purchase, and at least 15 days ahead of your flight date.

Upon purchasing the insurance, you may cover additional services that you have ordered, or expect to order, through payment of an additional sum.

You may cover additional services purchased after purchasing the insurance—so long as you insure them within 7 days of purchasing them and more than 15 days remain until the flight.

Flight cancelation insurance can only be claimed once you cancel your insured flight.  In the event you cancel your flight, you may receive reimbursement for all along-side insured services.  If you do not cancel the flight, then you cannot claim a refund for any insured alon-side services .

Yes.  You may insure up to 12 persons in a single policy.

You may not purchase two different policies for two flight with the same diparture day.

The maximum insurable amount for flight cancelation insurance is $20,000.

You may not insure a flight and/or additional services purchased using a money coupon / gift voucher issued by a travel agent against a previous commitment.

If your flight ticket includes cancelation fees or a penalty of up to 50% of the ticket price upon cancelation – partial cancelation fees.

If the cancelation fees or penalty are higher than 50% of the price – unknown cancelation fees (including if the ticket includes a connecting flight ticket).

If upon canceling the flight from the airline you do not receive any reimbursement –  'no refund.

This section refers to flight tickets only and not vacation packages.

In the event of a claim, the amount reimbursed to the customer by our policy is 80% of unrefunded expenses on the total cost listed when taking out the policy .

Example A – If a customer insures a flight ticket for $700 and, after canceling, he/she is refunded for $200, then he/she is reimbursed by the insurance for $400 (80% of $500 [the actual unrefunded expenses following cancelation].

Example B –  If the customer insures a flight ticket for $700 and, after canceling, he/she is charged another $100 by the travel agent, then he/she is reimbursed by the insurance for $560 (80% of $700, the insured sum).

You may cancel the policy after purchase via written notification to Trip Guaranty.

Calculation of insurance fees for an insured who has canceled the policy = insurance fees multiplied by the number of days elapsed from the date of cancelation until the end of the insurance term, divided by the total number of days in the insurance term.  In addition, 20% of the insurance fees will be deducted from the reimbursement, as costs to the insurer for the insurance term.

For flight cancelation insurance, the customer may cancel a flight or trip package for any reason  and be reimbursed for expenses based on the insurance policy.  All reasons for a customer  to cancel the flight/package are acceptable, even if it's a matter of merely changing one's mind about the trip.  Flexibility of this type allows the insured to plan and order his/her trip in complete confidence and peace of mind in view of any future developments.

* Note that cancelation must be initiated by the insured in order to get a flight cancelation insurance refund. should the cancelation be issued by a different party (i.e airline) flight cancelation insurance would not be able to offer cover..

You may cancel your flight or vacation package form the moment you purchase the insurance until 12 hours before the flight's departure.

  It is not possible to insure a flight that will be determined only by regional qualifications

In order to file an insurance claim for a canceled flight, the insured firstly needs to cancel the trip departing flight.

For flight cancelation insurance, the trip departing flight ticket is the primary insured product in the policy.  In other words you may not cancel a connecting flight or additional tourism services only and be reimbursed without having canceled the flight departure from Israel.

Reimbursement for additional tourism services that have been canceled after being insured in the flight cancelation insurance policy requires cancelation of the departing flight.

If you cancel your trip and wish to activate your flight cancelation insurance policy and be reimbursed, here's what you need to do:

  1. Cancel the flight and all additional tourism services you've ordered from the tourist suppliers (airlines, travel agencies, hotels, etc.)
  2. Obtain confirmation of the cancelation that includes the notification date of the canceled order (date and time) and the amount the customer is charged /credited following cancelation of the service(s).
  3. Fill out the claims form and attach additional documents required as reference for the cancelation. Send these to Trip Guaranty in order to be reimbursed for cancelation of services.

For instruction on submitting a claim, click here

Flight cancelation insurance will cover 80% of unrefunded expenses (following reimbursement of bodies such as airlines) for services insured in the policy.  In other words the deductible amount is equal to 20% of unrefunded expenses.

The insurance is valid solely for a cancelation initiated by the customer.  It is not valid for situations in which the airline or tourism supplier decides to cancel their service.  In such cases, we believe that they need to take full responsibility for reimbursing the customer.

Submit a Flight Cancelation Claims Form with supporting documents as proof of ordering the service from the tourism supplier / airline.  Proof of canceling the service from the tourism supplier / airline must include the cancelation date, including the date and time of cancelation, as well as proof of cancelation fees paid to the tourism supplier / airline.

For instructions on submitting a claim, click here.

The insurance policy is subject to Israeli law and under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance – Capital Market Division as well as the Office of the Insurance Supervisor in Israel.  In the exceptional event of a legal dispute between the insured and the insurance company, deliberations will be held in framework of the Israeli legal system.

The insuring company is the Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd., one of Israel's leading insurance groups, which serves the majority of leading companies in the Israeli economy.

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