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Key conditions for submitting a claim


Key conditions for purchasing flight cancelation insurance



Prior to submitting a claim, make certain that the following actions have been taken:

Subject to the terms and conditions of the flight cancelation policy, if the insured is interested in canceling the trip less than 10 days before the date of the trip, the insured must firstly notify the service provider / airline of his/her intention to cancel the flight.  Once this is done the insured will contact Trip Guaranty and enclose all of the documents listed below.

If the insured wishes to cancel the trip more than 10 days before the date of the trip, he/she should firstly notify Trip Guaranty of his/her intention (by email to claims@tripguaranty.co.il or by phone at +972-8-6995110).  Upon doing so, the insured will receive guidelines regarding the trip cancelation -process and submitting the claim.


Fill out and sign the claim form:

PDF_2 To download the claim form click here


Required documents when submitting a claim:

  • Claims form filled out by the insured. (Must provide policy number)
  • Proof of cancelation request/confirmation from the airline including the cancelation date (specify date and time).
  • Proof of payment and cancelation fees paid to the tourism supplier / airline after cancelation (receipts as proof of expenses).
  • Photocopied passport / ID card.


Please send the above documentation to Trip Guaranty by Email claims@tripguaranty.co.il  , Fax +972-86995101 or mail - Airport city, P.O Box 1170, zip code 7019900 Israel.

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