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About us

About us


Trip Guaranty was founded in 2014 based on the vision of allowing consumers to insure flight cancelations for a variety of reasons, from a large collection of service suppliers while also taking into account the services they may need to cancel following their trip cancelation. We seek to enable consumers to book services with complete confident and sufficient time in order to benefit from the best possible prices (usualy offered by airlines and hotels to early bookers). It is for these reasons that we established our Cancelation Insurance solution.


Cancelation insurance = peace of mind for both the consumer and the supplier (Win-Win).


The first area in which we decided to launch our cancelation insurance was tourism, including our flagship product Flight Cancelation Insurance—the result of strategic cooperation between Trip Guaranty, Phoenix Insurance, and El Al.

Flight cancelation insurance enables travelers to cancel their flight or trip package, including all other insured ground services, for any reason and up to the last moment.  In the event of cancelation we reimburse customers for the majority of their expenses.

Trip Guaranty's strategic cooperation with Phoenix Insurance and El Al enable us to offer the best quality insurance product that perfectly matches the flight and trip market.

Our goal is to provide a genuine and reliable solution to travelers when they book their flight and trip services , with no false promises and no small print.

When travelers purchase flight cancelation insurance they are actually purchasing peace of mind.  That's a major part of a worry-free trip since we all know that the trip plans begin the moment the order is placed.



We At Trip Guaranty don't just say we'll do it right for you—we promise it.

  •  Our promise is expressed through our products – Flight cancelation insurance allows customers to choose to cancel their booking for any reason. We understand there may be numerous reasons to cancel a trip and as far as we are concerned, it is important to provide the maximum flexibility to travelers.
  • Our promise is also expressed through the quality of our customer service – High quality customer service across a variety of channels, tailored to the needs of our customers. That's our motto.


We at Trip Guaranty have set ourselves the goal of being the  leaders in our field in terms of variety and quality of products, level of customer service, our staff's personal and professional attention to customers, and maintaining best in class technological solutions to support our customers needs.

We view our activity at Trip Guaranty as a mission—to significantly improve consumers' confidence in booking products and services, and affording them the flexibility to cancel the booking for any reason if necessary.

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  • All cancellations are insured, whatever your reason is, we’ve got you covered!

  • You can also insure any additional services such as hotels, car rental, cruise, shows & sport tickets

  • Insurance allows cancellations up to 12 hours prior to departure

  • Insurance can be purchased online or via our customer service centre on +972-86995110

  • Insurance supplied by The Phoenix, a leading insurance company

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