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Service Level Agreement - Trip Guaranty

About us

Service Level  Agreement

We want our customers to be surprised by our products, love the innovation we represent and be more than satisfied with our service level and reliability at every meeting or contact with our representative. Our goal is to provide excellent service regularly. Whether by the policy booking, during the insurance period or by filing a claim. The service charter allows you to know what you can and should expect from us and what we do for you every single day.


גמישותFlexibility - which no other insurance can offer.

You can cancel a flight for any reason.
All the components of the trip can be insured in addition to the flight (hotel, car, performances,
                    cruise, follow-up flights, etc.)
                    Insurance coverage from the moment of purchase until the last minute (12 hours before departure).
                    The booking process can be done by phone or directly on the Trip Guaranty website.


מהירותSpeed – at the booking process, during insurance period and in case of a claim.  

Five fields for a quote and no more than 5 minutes on average for purchasing the insurance.
Service representatives ready to respond quickly and courteously to any question.
                    Fast, efficient and consistent claim process.




Transparency - with such an insurance, we have nothing to hide.

Working with the Commissioner of Insurance and regulatory bodies that regularly check the quality of service.


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  • All cancellations are insured, whatever your reason is, we’ve got you covered!

  • You can also insure any additional services such as hotels, car rental, cruise, shows & sport tickets

  • Insurance allows cancellations up to 12 hours prior to departure

  • Insurance can be purchased online or via our customer service centre on +972-86995110

  • Insurance supplied by The Phoenix, a leading insurance company

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